Natural Network System 2019 English

Yto Aranda

MAG3 Gallery, Vienna Austria 
September 6 to October 4. 2019

Transmedial electronic, reactive, sound and visual installation, where art, nature, science and technology meet, being the sclerophyllous forest and its network operation the fundamental axis of the exhibition.

Natural Network System refers to the interconnections between different members of an ecosystem, including underground ones, such as roots and fungi. Specifically, the systemic functioning of the Chilean sclerophyllous forest, which has outstanding qualities due to its ability to survive in extreme climatic conditions.

The intention is to transmit not only the physical aspect of the forest, but also its spirit. For this, Yto Aranda has created electronic paintings that use a technique of her authorship, the «double blurred transparency», where the pigment color, is deeply integrated with the light color, generating a painting in movement sensation.

From the central installation «Ñuke Mapu», made with soil, stones, plants, sound and lighting, located on the floor of the room, connections extend up the walls to the circular electronic paintings that represent, visually and conceptually, natural elements of the Chilean sclerophyllous forest and its network operation. Paintings distributed as a diagram or conceptual map, including forest sounds. The premise of this representation is «everything is interconnected», inviting us to imagine the intelligence of the forest.

In 2015, Yto Aranda along with the artist Omar Gatica found the «Rao Caya» project, to combine art, nature, science, technology and society ( Rao Caya is located in a native sclerophyllous forest in very good conditions, south of Santiago, Chile.

Astonished by the natural wealth of the place, the artist has dedicated herself to the investigation and valorization of it, focusing on the functioning of the forest as a living network, including the non-evident, the invisible. To this end, she invited scientist Patricia Silva Flores who advises her on the biological interrelationships existing in the sclerophyllous forest.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to value, disseminate, educate and transmit the importance and specific characteristics of these forests, promoting the conservation and development of our habitats, generating a binding space between complex information and the audience.

Author: Yto Aranda.
Relevant Collaborator: Omar Gatica Rivera.
Scientific Advisory: Patricia Silva Flores.

Translated by Brenda Banda

**Sclerophyll forest are generally dominated by plants that have hard leaves adapted to drought and are fire tolerant (i.e. can re-sprout after fire, or have hard-coated or hard-capsuled seeds that can survive fire).

Publicado por Natural Network System

Yto Aranda: «La obra de Yto Aranda, centrada fuertemente en comunicación y desarrollo de comunidades, logra recuperar un rol mediador de la tecnología entre el arte, la naturaleza y las personas, constituyéndose en referencia central para comprender la escena transmedial nacional y latinoamericana». Valeria Radrigán 2018 (Yto: Del PIGMENTO al ELECTRÓN). ------- Bio Yto Aranda ------------ Curriculum:

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